Tuesday, 29 April 2014

China - sketchbooks bought in Beijing

In Beijing I think the thing we enjoyed the most was wandering around the 'hutong' areas - alleyways of traditional grey brick single storey houses with characteristic and beautiful roof shapes and tiling. There are parts of Beijing where these are being renovated and indeed some of the alleys have become tourist destinations, with an increasing number of cafes and shops that are occasionally a delight. The shop that these journals came from was full of leather and hardback notebooks in all shapes and sizes - very difficult to choose these three! 

I think the paper inside - which is a lovely warm brown - is rice or hemp paper. My 'christening' sketch is a pastel of a Shanghai backstreet night scene. I really like the small format, especially combined with an 'unfiddly' medium like pastels.

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  1. They are beautiful, unfortunately I didn't get time to spend exploring the Hutongs this time, as we were only in Beijing for a couple of days. We did the Wall though. It was fantastic. I'm looking forward to seeing your China inspired work.