Thursday, 24 May 2012

RIP Donna Summer: Amelia's Magazine Tribute Illustration

Illustration for Matt Bramford's wonderful tribute to Donna Summer in Amelia's Magazine - choc-a-bloc with gorgeousness in words, music and sumptuous illustrations.

This is my initial pencil sketch (with sunshine!):

I had a bit of a dilemma once I scanned it and cropped it to an oval .. my usual dilemma, which is the use of digital effects. So these were the 4 options that I narrowed it down to:
1. the original with the fur stole coloured in



In the end I chose the last one, which has a 'grain' effect added. It is quite pleasing in itself, but I suppose my doubts are that it could just be a doctored photo; and the original drawing is masked, if not obliterated.

My favourite bit is the pink/brown texture at the bottom!

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