Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Bauhaus: Illustration for Amelia's Magazine

London's Barbican's current exhibition is 'Bauhaus: Art as Life' and Matt Bramford has written this magnificent review for Amelia's Magazine. 

 Like many, I find the Bauhaus style, lines, patterns, colours, typography, scope and ethic very appealing, and so was pleased to have the chance to submit an illustration for the article. However, my Bauhaus 'comfort zone' was soon to be challenged when my brief turned out to be furniture, chairs in fact.

At college we had a typography project - for better or worse I embarked on 'An A to Z of Art Movements' (which kept me out of trouble for a few weeks) ... so we had 'A for Aboriginal' (which, for example, involved the letter 'A' done in many earth toned dots -  I'll spare you the finished 'piece').

So 'B'? Bauhaus was an easy decision and this was my B - making use of the typographic style and colour combinations (including gold) that I love:

For Matt's article I first of all used this image x 4 to create a background - really I was avoiding the chair part of the equation:

Separately I worked on the chair image, simplifying it even further and using the same red and black (and a little gold) of my background.
The chair - as a double, symmetrical image - was added in to occupy the space in the middle:

I really hope that I can visit this exhibition - it's on until 12 August.

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