Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Florence and the Machine: for Secret 7" and Teenage Cancer Trust

Secret 7" and Talenthouse have created a rather special collaboration to raise funds and awareness for the Teenage Cancer Trust. Seven musicians/groups have each selected one song to release as a vinyl, and illustrators have been invited to submit designs for the 7" square cover. 

My first (of two) illustrations is for Florence and the Machine's 'Only If For A Night'... listen to it here:

This is what I said about my design:

I find "Only If For A Night" has a very enigmatic quality .. the way it begins with the mention of ‘school’ – which has huge resonances for almost all of us - led me to interpret it with the idea of our present self being made up of our past selves, who can return to defend, support and guide us, and make things right for us now. For me, Florence and The Machine’s ‘sound’ or voice carries that same mixture of vulnerability and strength.

The voting begins this Friday the 20th and I would be so grateful if you could give my illustration your vote here, if you like it that is.


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