Friday, 14 October 2011

Exhibition Work: Tea and Sympathy

Rainy Afternoon Tea: ink, acrylic (metallic) and gouache ... I have to admit that I have long been a bit tired of the whole 'cupcake' thing but have accidentally succumbed somehow for this painting
Poole / Carter Stabler Adams  Pottery Teaset: gouache and ink ... I have collected this pottery for a long time and love the older patterns and whole Poole story (1930s and before) though these are actually 1950s patterns, which I have some pieces of too.

Tea Strainer Sample Sheet: ink and gouache ... I have a weakness for pattern / design sheets, including older ones with their notes and numbers in beautiful penned scripts, which I have aimed to recreate above and below. I think we all find colour and paint charts hugely appealing ... well most of us I'm sure
Tea Cup Design Sheet: pen and ink, gouache

Earlier this year I exhibited 5 pieces of work at a local gallery - the theme was 'Tea and Sympathy'. These are images of 4 of them - didn't have time to go and get the last one scanned ... do wish I could afford an A3+ scanner for my larger pieces of work, like these.


  1. These are so beautiful and delicate Gilly, such a shame you didn't get chance to scan the last piece. Amanda x

  2. Thanks so much Amanda - I am very inspired by your wonderful teapot prints : )