Saturday, 1 October 2011

Craig Lawrence: fashion illustration for Amelia's Magazine

Craig Lawrence LFW SpringSummer 12: pencil & gouache
This collection was pretty incredible - this is just part of Miranda William's review:

'The models were enchanting sea creatures. Adorned in the metallic threads of a fisherman’s net or wrapped seaweed, in the colours of the ocean and washed up treasures and sun baked sand, with headpieces like sea coral reefs. Craig presented a rich and textured collection of knitwear in a palette of pastel and muted hues, run with metallic details.....Craig Lawrence collaborated with Swarovski Elements for this collection which gave a sparkle of luxury to his intricately knitted designs. Swarovski Pale Crystal yarns and fibres had been woven into individual pieces...' 

You can read Miranda's full article in Amelia's Magazine - HERE.

This, by chance not design,  turned out to be my 2nd 'white' illustration of three - Ziad Ghanem, this, then Elisa Palomino's utterly fantastical 'A Fairy Dance' ruffled full length dress with incredible white lily head dress (as in next post) - all done with permanent white gouache. The construction of this dress was incredibly delicate so the brushwork had to be as well. I used very diluted gouache, hoping that it would dry to a more accurate beige colour, but it has still come out a bit too white in the end.

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