Thursday, 27 October 2011

Little piece of an upcoming illustration

The above is a little preview of the final illustration that I did for the 'Futures' brief - which has to be kept under wraps until the publication date. 
It is exploring the idea of us all being responsible for our planet, connected to it as if by an umbilical cord.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Exhibition Work: Tea and Sympathy

Rainy Afternoon Tea: ink, acrylic (metallic) and gouache ... I have to admit that I have long been a bit tired of the whole 'cupcake' thing but have accidentally succumbed somehow for this painting
Poole / Carter Stabler Adams  Pottery Teaset: gouache and ink ... I have collected this pottery for a long time and love the older patterns and whole Poole story (1930s and before) though these are actually 1950s patterns, which I have some pieces of too.

Tea Strainer Sample Sheet: ink and gouache ... I have a weakness for pattern / design sheets, including older ones with their notes and numbers in beautiful penned scripts, which I have aimed to recreate above and below. I think we all find colour and paint charts hugely appealing ... well most of us I'm sure
Tea Cup Design Sheet: pen and ink, gouache

Earlier this year I exhibited 5 pieces of work at a local gallery - the theme was 'Tea and Sympathy'. These are images of 4 of them - didn't have time to go and get the last one scanned ... do wish I could afford an A3+ scanner for my larger pieces of work, like these.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Inbar Spector illustration

from the Inbar Spector LFW Spring Summer 2012 collection:
pencil & Inktense crayons  on  gessoed paper

As soon as I saw the first images of Inbar Spector's SS12 collection, then heard about the story behind them, I was ... totally captivated! 

Amelia Gregory has written the wonderful review, and taken the utterly breathtaking photographs that accompany the article - you can read the full article here. I defy you not come up in goosebumps!

These next beautiful images are from Inbar Spector's own files ... aren't they just so lovely?

'The White Period' #3: Elisa Palomino illustration for Amelia's Magazine

dress from Elisa Palomino's 'A Fairy Dance' collection - pencil and gouache

For Akeela Bhattay's 2nd Elisa Palomino's LFW article in Amelia's Magazine

Unashamedly romantic styles, fabrics, colours and details. Read the full review here ; Akeela also did a behind-the-scenes interview with Elisa - again, talented writing, photos and illustrations x

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Craig Lawrence: fashion illustration for Amelia's Magazine

Craig Lawrence LFW SpringSummer 12: pencil & gouache
This collection was pretty incredible - this is just part of Miranda William's review:

'The models were enchanting sea creatures. Adorned in the metallic threads of a fisherman’s net or wrapped seaweed, in the colours of the ocean and washed up treasures and sun baked sand, with headpieces like sea coral reefs. Craig presented a rich and textured collection of knitwear in a palette of pastel and muted hues, run with metallic details.....Craig Lawrence collaborated with Swarovski Elements for this collection which gave a sparkle of luxury to his intricately knitted designs. Swarovski Pale Crystal yarns and fibres had been woven into individual pieces...' 

You can read Miranda's full article in Amelia's Magazine - HERE.

This, by chance not design,  turned out to be my 2nd 'white' illustration of three - Ziad Ghanem, this, then Elisa Palomino's utterly fantastical 'A Fairy Dance' ruffled full length dress with incredible white lily head dress (as in next post) - all done with permanent white gouache. The construction of this dress was incredibly delicate so the brushwork had to be as well. I used very diluted gouache, hoping that it would dry to a more accurate beige colour, but it has still come out a bit too white in the end.