Monday, 12 September 2011

A La Disposition Illustrations: London Fashion Week Preview in Amelia's Magazine

A La Disposition are an American husband and wife design team, who have very recently relocated to London. Their collections are characterised by highly original and adventurous themes, structuring and strong colours. Amelia Gregory interviewed them in advance of LFW's kick off at the end of this week and the launch of their Spring Summer 2012 collection (read more in the interview in Amelia's Magazine here and confirm this season's theme ... which I thought was (bravely) insects; well it has been birds before...).

One reason I loved doing these illustrations was that the collection was based around my favourite colour combination ... purple and green, and I liked the chance to do something more eccentric too.

The first illustration (above) was quite experimental - using Derwent Inktense crayons (my latest pash) which don't absorb into the paper I use, but just do their own thing on top! They also take eons to dry and it's not till then you know what has happened.
It seemed to work for the 1st one but I have to say that I very nearly contacted Amelia to ask that the 2nd one (below) didn't go in as it seemed to me too heavy & worked ... I still don't like it! Comments very welcome!


  1. Love the muted blues, reds, greens and purples here on the grainy flock wallpaper effect background - I also did a la disposition LFW but last season for Amelia's - some of my very first ones - seems an age - but was in fact just March this year :-) x

  2. Thanks Sam, just ordinary (not flock) and only grainy due to my ongoing and boring scanning and image quality problems! Yep, Feb/March is when I began too ... I HAVE learnt a lot, but not enough clearly x