Thursday, 29 September 2011

Kate Moss (sort of)

Kate Moss : pencil on gessoed paper

When Matt Bramford heard rumours that 'Kate' was to also to attend the James Small catwalk show, such was his excitement (before, during and afterwards) that he asked for portraits of Kate (Moss as happened, to his immense relief). I had no idea of the strength of his feelings for 'Our Kate' until I read his review in Amelia's Magazine - do read it ... it's just lovely and will make you smile at the very least!

As with the Toni and Guy illustrations, it made a nice change to be drawing a portrait, and just using pencil. But it IS so difficult to get a likeness! I found myself pondering what makes each person look unique, and how just the slightest inaccurate pencil stroke can totally throw the image off course ... for me beyond retrieval. I spent ages redoing 2 things in particular - the lips, and the light falling on the cheekbones - until I had to give up.

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