Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Two Elisa Palomino Illustrations for Amelia's Magazine

Akeela Bhattay has a weakness for 1920s and 30s style, so loves the designs of the wonderfully named Elisa Palomino (wish I had such a romantic name). Akeela has written a marvellous London Fashion Week preview piece on Elisa for Amelia's Magazine (you can read the interview and see all the illustrations  HERE).

Elisa's designs are very floaty and chiffony - quite difficult to capture in an illustration I think, but once again the Inktense crayons helped out. Although they can be a bit unpredictable (which I enjoy), sometimes the ink collects in quite a 'gauzy' way. 
But it was with the hair on these that I had the most fun. Elisa's models have had some amazing big hair creations atop their heads, so I felt free to go to town a bit ... quite pleased with the scary frost-like effect on the second one, especially as the face, strangely, has become Elizabeth Taylor at a certain (st)age of her life! 

The icing on the cake was that Elisa offered tickets for her show (on September 20th, at Fashion Scout) to all three 'very talented illustrators' of the article - how lovely of her! Sadly I have to be in here North Yorkshire, but hope the other two can go.


  1. what a shame you can't go to the show but fabulous that you got an invite - love those illustrations :-) x

  2. Yes, SUCH a shame - sorely tempted to just do it! x