Friday, 16 September 2011

Charlotte Taylor Fashion Illustrations for Amelia's Magazine

Designer Charlotte Taylor sent a whimsical little story, about a Japanese girl/ woman called Sakura, with her 'lookbook' for Spring summer 2012. It involves bees, blossom and bonsai ... and despite Sakura being 'a tree surgeon by trade' she is also something of a dreamer and free spirit. 

I wasn't quite sure what was going on but some of it must have seeped in because my illustrations gradually became like something out of 'Milly Molly Mandy'. It's certainly the first time I've managed to make two faces look even remotely like the same person or character. Perhaps I CAN have a go at writing or illustrating a children's book after all ... as all my friends and family who have to wait around while I take photographs of wheelie bins (wherever I find a particularly pleasing one) know, there is at least one idea in the pipeline ...

***STOP PRESS*** Sunday 17th September: Charlotte has just put this lovely, stylish video on her website ... I love it! It captures the feel of her designs perfectly, including the music!:

Charlotte's bold, pictorial prints are very much the distinguishing element of her designs - I would use the word 'childish' (perhaps child-like sounds better?), but in the best way, to describe her prints and styling. For the white criss-cross pattern I used a different approach in each illustration; in the first one I found that I could just scratch through the green (with a wooden BBQ kebab skewer!) but for some reason this didn't work on the second one, so I used white gouache. The gold mini pattern on the purple top was done in gold acrylic - metallics never scan very well I find, hence it looking yellow rather than gold.

Miranda Williams has written another wonderful article for Amelia's Magazine - she interviewed Charlotte Taylor earlier this week and you can read the full article HERE. Charlotte's website is well worth a visit too - her patterns, fabrics and styling are really appealing.

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