Wednesday, 21 September 2011

On illustrating 'Basso and Brooke' SS 2012 for Amelia's Magazine

Basso and Brooke are known for their astonishing digital print fabrics - they even have huge images of these on their website, which look a bit like those 'magic eye' pictures of the 80s.

Not only are the prints sharp and incredibly detailed (like composite photos) but the fabrics all have a sheen. Combine this with highly complex structures and layers and it's quite a challenge to illustrate, especially when your style and methods aren't exactly cutting edge and digitally created.

One of the things that Akeela Bhattay (who wrote the fabulous review of Basso & Brooke's show in Amelia's Magazine - HERE) mentioned was that the show was meticulously orchestrated so that as each piece in the collection was seen, it predicted elements in the next piece ... quite an achievement and certainly not the case with all catwalk shows.
I tried to suggest this in the illustrations - by having the 2 figures (well, one and a half), and quite liked that effect.

Here are 2 stages in the initial drawing process for the 2nd illustration:

I am quite pleased with the two finished illustrations in themselves, but don't feel my style is  really best suited to the very sharp. precise digital prints of these designers - I think my approach is more 'dissolved' and soft focus than they require.

But do take a look for yourself at the article - brilliantly written by Akeela, with superb photos and stunning illustrations by Joana Faria and Kristina Vasiljeva.

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  1. these are stunning!! i love the background so much as well. can't get enough of your fashion illustrations!