Friday, 6 May 2011

Some teatime ideas ..

Later this month I hope to submit 4 pieces of work to an exhibition entitled 'Tea and Sympathy'. I have been a bit in the wars as I fell off my hire bike in Amsterdam recently, but am just feeling able to draw and paint again. These are some sketchbook ideas that I may take further (NB: click on pictures to enlarge):

I have collected older Poole pottery for quite a while now, the earlier (1930s and before) pieces being Carter, Stabler, Adams.

I have weakness for colour charts and design sheets, old and new, with their numbers, lines, grids and notes - I have tried to capture some of the appeal in this collection of tea strainer patterns.

I have to admit that I am a bit tired of the whole 'cupcake' thing, but seem to have finally succumbed here ... though these are hopefully understated! 

I am still uncertain if I will be able to meet the deadline, including allowing framing time, but I really hope I can ... fingers crossed.

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