Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Tin Tabernacle Tour: 2 Tin Church Illustrations for Amelia's Magazine Music Article

Last week, Amelia Gregory's interview with Trevor Moss and Hannah Lou was posted in / on Amelia's Magazine.  In it, they describe the making of the Tin Tabernacle tour video '11 Nights Under Tin', and what to expect next, now that they have signed to Heavenly Recordings. Their music is absolutely captivating. 

I leapt at the chance to draw a tin church or 'Tabernacle' - tin buildings are so appealing, in their simple shapes and in their colours which always seem to result in a shade or hue that manages to be both unusually 'zingy' and also complementary to its surroundings. When this is a chapel or church it seems even more special. 

Whilst reasearching this I came across the most wonderful buildings, eg:


This was an initial pencil drawing in my sketchbook:
Tin Church Bedmond, Hertfordshire : Pencil Drawing

For the 2nd tin chapel, I painted in watercolour onto A4 primed paper:

click to enlarge
 and then played about in Photoshop effects:

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I liked the one above for being quite drearily atmospheric..

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 ...but this one seemed to a slightly magical quality ... and won the vote with friends & family unanimously. 

Thank you to Amelia Gregory, as ever. Read the interview here - which includes the full video AND music - and also see the other fabulous illustrations and photographs..


  1. Wow love these Gilly!! How did you create these beauties? They look like wood carvings? wonderful :)

  2. thanks for those lovely comments Avril ... no not woodcarvings unfortunately, just gouache painting or pencil drawing on stencilled paper, & with a touch of photoshop;) Will hopefully do a bit of a 'process' post on them soon x

  3. can't believe I missed this post!! absolutely gorgeous painting!

  4. thank you Daria ... a nice change to do buildings, especially these tin churches x