Sunday, 6 March 2011

Pai Skincare: Illustration for Amelia's Magazine

I was really pleased to see Amelia Gregory's interview with Sarah Brown (of Pai skincare) appear on Friday in Amelia's Magazine - another nice gentle balance to all the super energetic London Fashion Week articles. 

Sarah developed the range, which uses entirely organic and ethically sourced ingredients, as a result of trying to find suitable products for her own sensitive skin. The products are so good that they are now used on film sets and by such well known names as Natalie Portman. You can read the article here. It includes a lovely drawing of Sarah Brown herself by Danielle Shepherd, and other illustrations including this one by me:

: PAI Skincare : 

                                         : pencil on stencilled paper :

I actually drew this 5 weeks ago - so very early in my very short illustration career so far, which only began in late January. I have learnt so much since then, thanks to the continuing opportunities (provided by Amelia's Magazine, and other supporters of new illustration) and the urgent requirement to master technical stuff like scanning and scaling, keeping the sharpness of images, and a little bit of 'manipulation'; but still so much to learn ... layering in Photoshop most particularly ... I never seem to have the time to get to grips with this. 

There is also a tension beween hand drawing and painting etc. and one's own feelings about how much of the finished work should be digitally created. I do struggle with this a bit, I have to confess.

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