Sunday, 13 March 2011

Marianne Faithfull: on Illustration Rally

In this drawing I wanted to try and make some kind of comment about the relationship between our older and younger selves:

It was done for Illustration Rally - a brilliant, dynamic supporter of new illustration by providing a constant succession of open briefs around a theme. This was a 'Portrait Rally' with the final shortlist being Bjork, David Lynch, Marianne Faithfull and Nick Cave.

Marianne Faithfull was actually my suggestion, as I happened to be listening to an interview with her at the time - her intriguingly titled new album 'Horses and High Heels' was about to be released.

With such a long career and varied presence (including her appearance), it was difficult to narrow down to one era of her life. I began with the younger Marianne, then sketched the older one - thinking a lot about the eventual dynamic between the two.
I quite like the way the younger Marianne is at this moment turning towards us in a quite an innocently inviting way, but is also of course heading towards her older self ... who is, I feel, watching over her with wisdom, concern and compassion.


  1. Gilly, this is just wonderful, love every single line.

  2. Oh thank you so much! It's nice just to draw, plain and simple, sometimes x