Saturday, 26 February 2011

Prophetik at London Fashion Week: Illustrations for Amelia's Magazine

Just a quick post to say that I was so pleased to have 4 illustrations included in Amelia Gregory's review of the Prophetik catwalk show. It is well worth a visit to Jeff Garner's Prophetik site. It includes a beguiling and fascinating video in which he describes his ethos, and also shows something of the painstaking methods used to dye the fabrics using traditional, indeed ancient, methods and ingredients - hence the uniquely wonderful colours made from combinations of, for example, madder root, rumex, logwood, curled dock and gallnut. Even the leather for the shoes is vegetable-tanned. 

You can the full article here in Amelia's Magazine

Comments very welcome!


  1. i LOVE your illustrations! such a beautiful background, too!

  2. thank you for your comments matilde & dariah - I loved doing these! now doing a bit more tailored & b&w LFW illustrations ... missing these colours and the flow lines of Jeff Prophetik. What are you guys drawing at the moment? x