Friday, 4 February 2011

Happy Chinese New Year / Central Illustration Agency: Hare Etching

On Thursday, at the start of the Chinese New Year - of the Rabbit -  the CIA (!), aka Central Illustration Agency,  did a callout for illustrations of rabbits (or hares fortunately). So I sent this lovely chap who has been waiting in a very dignified way for his moment:
Hare: Etching

I am very fond of him..apologies to all the amazing rabbits out there...somehow hares always have the edge


  1. thanks Daria - is that your nice way of saying rabbits should be hares? ;)

  2. advertising illustration Said:
    This is great callout for illustrations of rabbits! Just a quick note to tell you that I have a passion for the topic "illustrations" at hand. By the way, keep posting things like this. I am waiting for the next post about the same topic. Thanks and have a good day!